Shoot dates: 10,11 and 17 June

Do you know how to pull a tear from your eyes on command?

Or do you know how to make people laugh on command… without evening speaking a word?

Then you are who we are looking for!

But even if you haven’t the faintest idea of how to act, do have a look at our upcoming roles for extras in one of our many upcoming projects.

Who knows… you may have hidden talents and be on our next project!

Here are the extras we need for our upcoming Promo Corporate Video for one of our client.

  1. Role: Mother 👵

Screen age: 50 -60

Delivery: Must be able to deliver a scene whereby the role is terminally ill

  1. Role: Father 👴

Screen Age: 50 -60

Delivery: Husband to the Mother role above. Must be able to deliver an emotional scene.

  1. Role: Girlfriend 👱‍♀️ [University], Wife [Young adult]

Screen Age: 20 -30

Delivery: Must be able to deliver the role of a university student and a young mother

  1. Role: Baby 👶 [with Guardian on set]

Screen age: 2 months old

Interested please send your CV to