Do you have a burning desire to create your first branding video?

But you find it overwhelming to even press the record button?

I’m not going to lie.

Video can be complicated…From crafting a story to the many different varieties of video equipment.

No wonder kind of a barrier for beginners; even to some experienced video makers.

Would you love it if I can show you a SIMPLE process to produce video content?

Anyone can do it…

3 Simple Steps To Producing Your First Branded Content

  1. PLAN your shoot

You must have heard it a thousand times… “He who fails to plan; is planning to fail”

So often I see a first-time shooter going to a scene without having a clue on what he wants to shoot.

Unless you plan to record every single second of your life by hitting the record button to capture every moment of your day, I will suggest that you plan your shoot.

Draw up a simple shoot list describing the shot you are after. It doesn’t have to be fancy… heck, some of my best works were drawn up on the back of a napkin, so go figure…

Of all things considered, you will often find this to be the most important item to take note when planning…

Camera position

You need to figure out where to place your camera.

Why? You asks…

Because different camera angles lend a different mood to your video story.

I’ll explain more in a future post, but for right now, you will need to figure out where to place your camera in every scene.

  1. Go Shoot It

As easy as it sounds, the problem with shooting is you got to actually go do it.

So often (me included) after planning for weeks with a script and storyboard down, yet we keep delaying the actual production (or shooting the thing)

Here is something to take note of when you are ACTUALLY shooting it…


My first encounter of the phrase “Cinematographer” is from one of my mentor in filmmaking.

He said we must be “Poets of Light” to really bring justice to the term cinematographers.

Understand where the light comes from is the first step to creating beautiful visuals on film (digital or otherwise)

Here’s a quick tip…

“Light needs to hit the face from the front and above at an angle to create something pleasing.”

Didn’t I say it’s really simple? … Now go try it.

  1. Edit Your Footage

Another bugbear for many first-time video content makers is editing.

Or “Post Production” as the pros call it.

The footage will remain as just …. Well, footage. Unless you weave them together in the right sequence to tell the story that you want.

You will need to have a Non-Linear Editor (NLE) video editor as we pros call it, but essentially like my filmmaking mentor told me years back… you really only need to “Cut and Paste”

Easy right?

I will share in a future post on my go-to template for editing a simple video.

But for now, I’ll summarise it below for a quick reference for you to get going.

  1. Talk about what’s in the video in the first 10 seconds
  2. Ask a burning question that your audience wants answered
  3. Answer the question in 3 points or less
  4. Get the audience to perform an action (Call to Action)



If you’ve come so far, congratulations! You are on your way to producing your first video.


More help can be found here…