Creating A Youtube Marketing Plan For 2020

In this post, we’re going to cover how you’re going to use YouTube and what your marketing plan will be for success. There’s a number of factors to consider here and of course, the overall nature of your marketing plan is going to depend on the type of business or company that you’re running, your goals, and so on.

Additionally, your budget, resources, and other elements will also have an impact on the direction that you need to take when building your audience on YouTube and acquiring traffic and views. Regardless of the nature of your YouTube marketing strategy, you obviously need to start somewhere. So that’s exactly what this course is going to help you do.

For starters, if you’re using YouTube video marketing to promote an existing business, then monetization isn’t an issue for you. That’s good news if you’re new to digital marketing. You will still need to determine how you’re going to benefit from the viewers and traffic that your videos get.

Consideration #1 – What Are You Going To Do With Youtube Traffic?


    • Will you be promoting your website or products in the descriptions?


    • Are you running advertisement based videos (for your products or others)?


    • Will you be using YouTube ads to monetize the traffic that views your videos?


    • Do you plan to interact on YouTube and have a presence there?


Consideration #2 – You Will Need To Scale Up Youtube

Another part of your plan will be to determine how you’re going to scale up your success of videos that attract larger audiences. It’s especially helpful to have a good strategy in mind here, so ask yourself about how you’re going to get your first 100 views and then ask yourself how you’ll grow that first 1,000 subscribers or followers. More importantly, consider the types of topics, products, or content that you’re going to present in your videos.

Are the topics going to be easy to rank for? Are they attracting enough of an audience to be worth your time? Is there a platform or network that you can cross-promote your videos and media on for increased visibility and potential?
For these factors, it can be useful to perform some market research and even keyword research by looking at your competition and even doing the traditional methods for digging and seeing the overall potential.

Consider if there are other YouTube creators or channels that are making money from the platform in the same niche, doing what you do.

Consideration #3 – Are They Competitors In The Same Niche?

    • How successful have they been?


    • Is there more opportunity for you to capitalize on that traffic?


    • What niche(s) are these creators working in?


    • How are they marketing their brand?


    • Do they have their own products or how do they monetize their network?


Take note that there’s nothing wrong with “borrowing” a business model that’s currently working and producing results. If there’s a popular YouTuber out there in your niche that’s making money from e-book sales or other sales like that, then make it a point to pay close attention to what they’re doing. Even better, take a look at their older videos and see how they’ve gradually built their audience and network to the point that it’s at now.

Once you have your business model and plan in mind, you should begin to plot all of this out on a sheet of paper, or an online resource for planning. This will give an actionable blueprint that you can follow. Make decisions here such as how many videos you will need to upload to reach your target audience. Think about what the topic of each of your videos will be and then go so far as to plot your trajectory over time.

The more details you can make your step-by-step process for marketing on YouTube, the easier it will be to stay
motivated and achieve results (and success). Also remember that when you create this type of business plan, you should use estimates and projections that aren’t overly optimistic. Make sure that your plan will work in a ‘worst-case scenario’ and don’t put unnecessary stress upon yourself. This way you can only be pleased by the results that you end up achieving.

In the meantime… Stay SUPER!